Tips to help you control and prevent weeds on your lawn or alley, prevent or get rid of insects in your home, and finally control and keep away rats and mice. 

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Every fall, mice gravitate from their outdoor world towards buildings, seeking shelter for the winter.
Once cool weather starts, you will have unwanted guests sneaking into your home through openings you might not even know about. Once in, they are staying for the winter.
Here are natural solutions to keep carpenter bees at bay.
Have you noticed condensation along the bottom of your windows? If so, there is probably an excess of humidity in your home.
Unless your garden shed is a fortress, insects and rodents will most likely find a way to get in, and possibly cause various kinds of problems in time.
Controlling squirrels can be difficult. If you feel you're going nuts, perhaps you should give meditation a try!
No one wants to see rodents invite themselves to their Christmas party. Looking for warmth and food, mice could be tempted to join in the fun, whether you like it or not. Here are a few tips to prevent the situation.
Our PREDATOR product offer is comprised of several products that will help you control and repel rats and mice. Here's an overview of the various options available to you. 
Rodents like mice can carry diseases, viruses and bacteria. That is why it's important to clean up and decontaminate affected areas after you've rid your house of the pests. When decontaminating, avoid disturbing dust particles or mouse droppings. Get our tips here!