Tips to help you control and prevent weeds on your lawn or alley, prevent or get rid of insects in your home, and finally control and keep away rats and mice. 

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Many insects like to hide in our homes to get through the colder season. Here is information that will help you spot them more easily.
Your love for animals does not mean you should have to deal with damages caused to your home, cottage, yard or garden shed by unwanted animals.
Here are a few interesting facts about the life of house mice.
Telling a field mouse from a house mouse can sometimes be hard. Here are a few tips to help you make the difference.
Both solutions are effective. Here are the advantages of the trap vs the bait.
In order to control mice and get them out of your house, here is a few tips that you need to know.
Looking for a way to keep mice and rats away from the house? An ultrasonic device may just be the solution to your problem! It is increasingly popular as it is not lethal and does not require the installation of traps.