Efficacy Guaranteed

At Premier Tech, our commitment to excellence and superior quality in the production of our rodenticides, insecticides, and herbicides Wilson products is more than a promise; it is a tradition deeply rooted in our history and identity. Since our beginnings, we have consistently aspired to achieve a high degree of quality, not only to meet the expectations of our customers but also to surpass them.

Aware of the trust our customers place in our products, we take pride in acknowledging this trust by offering an efficiency guarantee. This guarantee reflects our absolute confidence in the performance and reliability of our rodenticides, insecticides, and herbicides Wilson products and demonstrates our commitment to providing only the best to our customers.

We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount, and that's why we have implemented this satisfaction guarantee policy. It is designed to ensure that every experience with our products meets your expectations. Below, you will find the specific conditions under which this warranty applies, detailing how we commit to resolving any issues that may arise.

1. Scope

This satisfaction guarantee (hereinafter the "Guarantee") is exclusively applicable to a defined list of rodenticides, insecticides, and herbicides Wilson products. This list is carefully curated to include products that meet our strict criteria for quality and efficiency. Only products mentioned below are covered by the Guarantee. This list may be periodically updated to reflect our current range of products meeting Premier Tech's quality standards. Products not included in Annex A are not eligible for the Guarantee.

Products purchased outside of Premier Tech's official sales channels, products sold outside Canada, second-hand products, as well as products that have undergone unauthorized modifications or alterations by Premier Tech, are expressly excluded from this Guarantee. Additionally, products damaged due to misuse, improper storage, or extreme weather conditions are not covered by this Guarantee.

Premier Tech reserves the right to modify the list of products covered by the satisfaction Guarantee at any time and without notice. Changes to the list will be effective upon publication and will not apply retroactively.

2. Purpose

The Guarantee offered by Premier Tech applies only when the product has been used for its intended purpose, strictly adhering to all instructions provided by Premier Tech and indicated on the packaging of the product or in its accompanying documentation. This Guarantee does not apply if the product has been used for purposes other than those for which it was designed. Any inappropriate, abusive, or non-compliant use of the product, contrary to Premier Tech's instructions, will result in the immediate cancellation of the Guarantee.

For the Guarantee to apply, the results obtained with the product must be inferior or different from what is explicitly indicated on the packaging of the product or in its advertisements. In cases where no specific performance is indicated, the reference standard will be the results reasonably expected in comparison with similar products available on the market.

Under this Guarantee, in the event of a proven defect in a product meeting the conditions of proper use, Premier Tech undertakes only to refund the product at its original purchase value. The refund will be based on the initial purchase price of the product, as indicated on the receipt or purchase invoice.

It is important to note that this Guarantee is strictly limited to the refund of the product. No other sum or compensation for indirect, consequential, incidental, or other damages will be granted. Premier Tech will not be responsible for any additional costs, losses, or damages of any kind resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

3. Eligibility

The satisfaction Guarantee offered by Premier Tech is exclusively reserved for individuals aged 18 and over, residing in Canada. This age condition must be met at the time of product purchase. Any claim submitted by individuals not meeting these criteria will be automatically rejected.

4. Claim

Any claim under Premier Tech's Guarantee must be submitted by email to the following address: [email protected] or by phone at the toll-free number: 1-800-268-2806. This procedure is mandatory to ensure the effective and organized processing of each claim.

The claim must include a detailed account of what the user considers a product-defect falling under the Guarantee. This account must include all relevant details regarding the use of the product, including, but not limited to, how the product was used, the date or period of use, the results obtained with the product, as well as the expected results. This detailed description is crucial for an accurate assessment of the claim.

The claim must be accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice or receipt. This document must clearly indicate the product price and the purchase date. The absence of this proof of purchase may result in the rejection of the claim under the Guarantee.

It is imperative that the detailed account provided in the claim aligns with the other provisions of the Guarantee. Any inconsistency or contradiction between the user's account and the terms of the Guarantee policy may result in the rejection of the claim.

Once the claim is received, it will be reviewed by our customer service team to determine if it meets the criteria of our Guarantee policy. Premier Tech reserves the right to request additional information or evidence if necessary to assess the claim.

5. Claim Period

Customers have a period of 90 days from the date of product purchase to submit a claim under the Guarantee. This period is strict and non-negotiable.

Any claim submitted after the expiration of this 90-day period will not be eligible for coverage under the Guarantee. Premier Tech reserves the right to reject any claim that does not comply with this deadline.

6. Claim Limit

Each customer is limited to one claim per product per calendar year. For the purposes of this policy, a calendar year is defined as the period beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31 of the same year. Any additional claims for the same product submitted by a customer or any other claims during the same calendar year will be automatically rejected.

7. Expert Opinion

Premier Tech expressly reserves the right to engage an independent expert to assess and determine if the facts presented in a claim under the Guarantee are verified and warrant its application.

The expert's conclusion will be considered conclusive in Premier Tech's decision to accept or reject the claim. If the expert concludes that the facts justifying a claim have been established, Premier Tech will proceed in accordance with its Guarantee Policy. Otherwise, the claim may be rejected.


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