Weeds: Prevention and action

Weeds are starting to make their appearance in your alley or garden? Over time, these invaders will become increasingly prevalent. They will rob nutrients from your lawn and desirable plants, as well as space and light. Clearly, weeds are not welcome on your property.

Prevention in lawns

To prevent weeds, it is important that you keep your lawn healthy and strong. That is why you must inspect it on a regular basis. If you keep an eye on your garden, it will be easier to react quickly when you notice changes. Undesirable plants are opportunistic and tend to appear when your lawn is weak or thin. 

Prevention in flower beds

When planting your flowers, cover the soil with mulch to keep the light from reaching it. This will prevent weeds from germinating. Also, when placing your flowers in the flower bed, make sure you do not leave too much space between each plant; this means less room for weeds to grow. 

Prevention in alleys

If there are alleys in your garden, try to limit the number of joints and fill them with sand. If your alleys are exposed to sunlight, it will be harder for weeds to grow there. The blocks that stay wet are more conducive to the germination of these undesirable plants.

What to do to repel weeds

It can be tempting to pull weeds when you see them. If you do, know it's almost impossible to completely remove the roots. Consequently, this will allow new weeds to grow. 

Use a domestic selective herbicide to eliminate undesirable plants. This type of product must be applied directly on the plant. It will not damage your lawn or desirable plants. You will see results within 24 hours, but it will take from 4 to 8 weeks before weeds disappear completely.

Interesting fact about weeds

Some weeds only live for one season, and that is why they tend to produce thousands of seeds that will stay dormant. The dormant stage can last for years. Seeds only need sunlight to germinate. So, avoid disturbing the soil as it could trigger the germination process.