Spring is the best time to fight weeds. Each year, we look for an effective solution to meet our needs. Here are two products that will help you control weeds this season.

First, Wilson® Weed OUT is a selective herbicide, which means it can be applied on weeds in the lawn. The other, Wilson® Wipe OUT, is perfect to eliminate weeds that grow through concrete joints or in gravel. Learn a little more about those two products in the following text.

Wilson® Weed OUT

This product is a selective herbicide which eliminates weeds while preserving your lawn. It contains an active ingredient that fights individual broad-leaf weeds as a spot treatment. Children and pets can access the area once the product has dried. 

Apply in small bursts to moisten foliage, but avoid reaching the point of run-off through excessive applications. Note that our products are neonicotinoid-free.

Where to use

This product can be applied on the broad-leaf weeds in your lawn, whether individual or in small patches. 

Weeds it's effective against

Our Wilson®  Weed OUT product kills dandelions, plantain, ragweed, and the aerial parts of fall hawkbit, hawkweed, cinquefoil, white clover and black medic.

Wilson® Wipe OUT

This herbicide works by penetrating the walls of plant cells. It must be used only on unwanted plants, which it will eliminate in a few hours. Foliage must be sprayed generously and evenly to get satisfactory results.   

Where to use

Apply only on undesirable plants in flower gardens, landscaped areas, pathways and driveways, on and around buildings and fences, and on bark mulch, patios and gravel. 

Weeds it's effective against

Wilson® Wipe OUT quickly eliminates grasses and broad-leaf weeds, both annual and perennial, including: algae, amaranths, crabgrass, morning glory, liverworts, lichens, green carpetweed, mosses and stinging nettle.

* Read label carefully before use.