Wilson® rat control

A variety of products that control rats and other rodents indoors and outdoors

RAT OUT and related products come in a variety of formats to help you control rats. They work in different ways to help you control these pests. 

Application type
Brand name
Application type
Brand name


Poisons such as those found in pellets and bait stations are intended to kill larger numbers of rats. Our Rat & Mouse Killer Pellets work by dehydrating rats. When they return to their nests to die, they are so desiccated that there is little in the way of decomposing flesh left that could result in unpleasant odours.


Traps are very effective in killing individual rats, which they generally do instantly through mechanical action.

Ultrasonic repellent

Our Sonic-Repel products emit high frequency sound waves that humans and pets can’t hear, but bother rats immensely. Rats will simply not enter any space where these devices are functioning. So you have time to wait for other products to take care of rat problems permanently. These products can only be used indoors.

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