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Several different options for controlling rat infestations

Our RAT OUT line of products offers bait stations and a variety of traps that are effective in killing these pesky rodents that, depending on the species, can grow up to a pound in weight.

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Frequently asked questions about Wilson RAT OUT products

Always put RAT OUT products in areas where there is a lot of activity. If you see rat droppings, this is a sign that products should be placed in that room. Place products along the walls and edges of your room as well as near entry points like doors and windows. Rats aren’t likely to go through the centre of the room unless they are being chased. Instead, they tend to scurry along the edges of your room.

Move your products to different areas if no rats have been killed within a few days of putting them in place. Sometimes you have to experiment with placement to figure out what will work inside and outside your home. Stick with the same type of product once you find something that works. This is essential to killing as many rats as possible and ridding your home of an infestation quickly.

Many people realize they have a rat problem when the rats have already entered and can be heard in an attic or scratching inside walls. At times, rats are first discovered when electrical wiring or pipes are chewed and damaged. It can also be quite alarming to walk into a kitchen or pantry and find your food storage has been raided by rats.

If you suspect you may have rats but have not seen one, you may notice other signs like brown smudges on walls or other items caused by rat grease as they rub these surfaces. Often the first sign is the presence of rat droppings in pantries, cabinets and other places in the home.

Bait Stations are the best solution when you have children because they are resistant to tampering by little hands. That being said, large pets, such as dogs, could break the station with their teeth.

Traps use no poisons or chemicals. However, the heavy spring mechanism in certain products is extremely strong and could cause damage to fingers. Because of this, it is extremely important to keep the “set” trap out of reach of all pets and children.

The glue on the Rat Glue Trap surface is not poisonous to people and pets.

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RAT OUT products are available coast to coast in big box stores, department stores, hardware stores, independent garden centres and many other retailers.

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