How do ultrasonic devices work on mice and rats

Looking for a way to keep mice and rats away from the house? An ultrasonic device may just be the solution to your problem! It is increasingly popular as it is not lethal and does not require the installation of traps. 

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds are elastic, mechanical waves that cannot be heard by humans, but they are very offensive to rodents, whose hearing range is superior to ours. That is why we're not affected by ultrasounds. 

How does an ultrasonic device work on mice and rats?

Ultrasonic devices emit sounds that drive rodents like mice and rats away. Pests are repelled as they cannot adapt to the changes in the frequencies emitted by the device. Your home becomes inhospitable for the critters, as their biological functions are destabilized. How do they react? They run away! 

Benefits of ultrasonic devices

•    As a repulsive, it does not kill rodents;
•    Preserves the environment;
•    Effective, quickly;
•    Easy to use, no complex handling;
•    Plugs into electrical outlet;
•    Non-toxic.

A little more about ultrasounds

They are directional, so they do not pass through walls. They bounce off hard surfaces and fill the room with sound pressure. A single device can protect up to 46 m2. As they do not pass through walls, you may need to use more than one device.