How to get rid of rats and mice with PREDATOR Products

How to get rid of rats and mice with predator products

As soon as you notice the presence of rodents on your property, you need to act fast. Our PREDATOR product offer is comprised of several products that will help you control and repel rats and mice. Here's an overview of the various options available to you. 

Mouse and rat traps

Our various traps cover different types of needs. 

Fast Set: We offer professional grade traps that are available in different sizes to catch rats and mice. 

Smart-Trap: You prefer not to see the dead rodent you've catched? Our Smart-Trap lets you do that! 

Multiple catch: Several mice have invaded your home? Use a multiple catch trap that can hold up to 10 mice! 

Catch and release: If you want to catch a mouse alive and then release it in nature, use our live capture trap

Mouse and rat poison 

Our PREDATOR Rat & Mouse Killer is designed for rats and mice that are resistant to conventional rodenticides. You must make sure the animal feeds on it exclusively for at least 8 days. 

Mouse and rat bait stations

In areas where you can't prevent access to other sources of food, we recommend using PREDATOR bait stations. Those are blocks containing a chemical anticoagulant and which are placed in a bait station. Be especially careful when using that type of product.

Ultrasound devices

Our ultrasound devices repel rats and mice from the covered area by producing sounds that disturb them. Either portable or plug-in, these solutions are perfect for homes, apartments, cottages, garages and RVs.