About roaches

Roaches are unpleasant, unsanitary pests and they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Not only are they nuisances for homeowners, but roaches spread disease-causing bacteria and may trigger asthma and allergic reactions.

How to Control Roaches

There are several approaches when it comes to controlling roaches, but the first steps are exclusion and careful attention to sanitation. If roaches are still invading’ your home, you may need to resort to stronger measures. Be sure pesticides are registered for use against roaches; the pests can develop resistance to many common pesticides very quickly.

  • Apply insecticidal dust wherever roaches travel, such as underneath appliances and cabinets and along baseboards.
  • Use a liquid residual insecticide or roach bait around the perimeter of your house. Reapply every one to three months.
  • Spray an indoor-approved insecticide near dryer vents, under sinks, around windows, behind bookshelves and other problem spots.
  • Use a contact insecticidal spray to knock down roaches quickly.
  • Place bait stations in crawlspaces and attics, inside walls and under heavy appliance, but never where the is accessible to children or pets or where it can contaminate food. Baits are available in liquids, granules, gels or blocks.