About mice

Mice are troublesome rodents that damage property, contaminate food and in some cases, transmit dangerous diseases such as hantavirus and salmonella.

One pair of breeding mice can produce 64 descendents every year, and those descendents can go on to create their own families. It’s easy to understand why mice are so prevalent and difficult to control.

If you see signs of mice in your house, take steps to gain control as soon as possible.


Habitat modification

Make your home less attractive to mice. Store food in sealed containers. Make sure garbage cans are emptied frequently and that they have tight-fitting lids. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Sweep or vacuum food storage areas daily.



Excluding mice is challenging because the pests can enter through a hole the size of a pencil eraser. Examine buildings closely. Seal cracks and openings and ensure doors and windows fit snugly.

Cover vents and other access points with wire mesh. Plug tiny holes with steel wool.