Wilson Control 5 tips to keep your new home pest free

We all dream of having a home free of insects and mice. In order to put the odds on your side, it is important to pay close attention to several things. 

Here are 5 basic tips to apply when moving to a new home.  

1. Inspect your new home

Thoroughly inspect each room as well as closets, cupboards, walls, windows and mouldings for any signs of a pest infestation such as insects, droppings, stains or sawdust. It's possible to simply use your eyes to determine if pests are causing trouble. Do not hesitate to bring a flashlight to inspect dark corners. 

2. Use your nose

Mice and insects, including roaches, can sometimes leave a smell behind. By inspecting your new home with your nose, it is possible to identify some problems easily. 

3.Take a good look at baseboards

Mice often use baseboards and the junctions between walls and floors as entry points to a room. Inspecting them will also allow you to see if there are bedbugs in the bedrooms.

4. Inspect the foundations

Inspecting the foundations of your new house will enable you to see if there are cracks that invaders could use to get in. Have a look at the entry points of cables, doors and windows too.

It is essential to quickly caulk up cracks. We recommend that you treat those cracks and the foundations where you think there could be pests with the appropriate product. 

5. Remove outdoor food sources

Mice love to feed on nuts, berries and small fruits that may have fallen from trees. Maintaining the yard will discourage rodents from invading your property. Indoors, do not hesitate to use an ultrasonic device to drive mice and rats away from your home.