Wasps are valuable pollinators, and they contribute to our ecosystem's balance, but their nests are sometimes built to close to the home. When that happens, they become a threat to both humans and pets. How can you get rid of a wasp nest? 

First, wasp nests are built early in the spring. It is important to make a careful inspection around the house. The smaller the nest, the easier it will be to get rid of it.  

Four steps to Destroy a wasp nest 

  1. The first method consists in destroying the nest yourself using an aerosol insecticide. Liquid and foam insecticides are available. If you can clearly spot the nest, spray it as thoroughly as possible. 
  2. However, make sure to wear protective clothing. To avoid being stung, wear long clothing, protective goggles and something to cover your head and face, such as a beekeeper hat.  
  3. Nests can be more safely approached early in the morning or late in the evening, when wasps and hornets are asleep and less active. Aerosol insecticides allow you to spray from a safe distance of 6 to 8 feet, thus reducing the risk of being stung. 
  4. Then, wait until the next day to remove the nest, and dispose of it in a garbage bag.  

Destroying a wasp nest by a Professional

If the nest cannot be reached (in the ground or under eaves, for example) or if you are allergic to wasps, it is recommended to ask a professional to take care of it.