How to get rid of ants indoor

Ants can be a big problem if they get into your kitchen. Here are a few steps to avoid them in your house. Attracted by sweets and starchy foods, or affected by extreme conditions like flooding or drought can quickly cause ants to relocate their colony inside your home. 

Steps to avoid them

In order to eliminate an ant problem you must destroy the entire colony by killing the queen, the mother of all of the ants in the colony. Colonies can be located by watching where ants return to with food. 

To control, place traps along their know trails or near where you think they are entering. It is a common occurrence for it to look like you are getting more ants when baiting. Don’t disturb them, as the more ants that feed on the bait, the quicker the knockdown. 

To deter them from coming indoors treat the foundation of the building, and around doors and windows with dust.