How to get rid of earwigs

Earwigs are reddish-brown insects with pincers at the rear of their body. Earwigs thrive in moist, shady locations, such as bathrooms, kitchens, under your garden planters, or under your shade loving plants. Here are some tips to prevent them in your house and backyard.

Avoid Earwigs outdoor

A light dusting weekly under you planters, pots and plants, or into cracks and crevices where they are hiding, will greatly reduce their numbers. Also, a small mound under a flat stone or board, in a shady area, will attract them ultimately eliminating them during the day as they hide.

Avoid Earwigs indoor

They enter your house through cracks, especially during spells of hot, dry weather so take a moment in the spring to chalk them up. To prevent them from entering your home spray the foundation with Wilson One Shot Ant, Roach & Crawling Insect Killer Aerosol.