How to mouse proof your home

No one wants to see rodents invite themselves to their Christmas party. Looking for warmth and food, mice could be tempted to join in the fun, whether you like it or not. Here are a few tips to prevent the situation.

  • Get rid of cardboard boxes and gift wrappings as soon as the presents have been unwrapped. Indeed, mice like to chew on them and they use it to build nests. Put them in an airtight recycling container. 
  • A burning fireplace is extremely comforting and festive, but remember to store your firewood aboveground. Use pallets and keep it outside your home, if possible. Mice just love to hide there.
  • Don't use edible decorations such as a gingerbread house or men in your Christmas tree. Rodents will feast on them as soon as you turn your back. 
  • Filling a Christmas sock is a Scandinavian tradition all little kids love. However, do not give them food or candies to avoid attracting rodents. 
  • After a night full of magical moments, don't forget to put away leftovers. Use airtight containers. If you're not planning on reusing them, discard them in an airtight garbage can. Check all surfaces where there could be crumbs, especially near the Christmas tree. 
  • Make sure your doors' weather strips are in good condition, that you've sealed the cracks in your foundation and that your windows have been caulked. Keep in mind that mice only need ¼ of an inch to get inside. 

With the right products, you can also keep mice at bay. Indeed, there are ultrasound devices on the market you can use to protect one place in particular, such as your entrance or garage.