How to protect your car from mice and rats

In the fall, mice and rats look for a warm, dry and safe location to make their nest and spend the cold season. We don't necessarily think of cars as a possible hiding place, but for them, it's an obvious choice.

Once inside your car, rodents can cause significant damage, which could prove very costly. They won't hesitate to chew on wires and insulation. Here are a few tips to protect your car from these unwanted passengers.

  1. Leave the hood open
    If you store your car for the winter, leave the hood open. It will make it less attractive to rodents, as they like to build their nest in dark places. 
  2. Prevent access to the engine
    Block all openings with wire netting. Place traps around the wheels as mice and rats usually use them as entry points.
  3. Remove all food sources which could attract them
    The food sources of rodents are usually located 20 feet or less from the nest. Remove all food sources as well as water sources near your vehicle.
  4. Start your vehicle
    If possible, turn on the engine once in a while; this will deter rodents from getting too close. 
  5. Repel rodents
    Use a product that will repel rats and mice by its taste, such as our Rat Bait Station. Apply some near your vehicle. Finally, use an ultrasound device to produce sound waves that will disturb and repel rodents. All you need to do is plug it in an electrical outlet. 

Be vigilant as rodents can destroy a great part of the cabling in only 24 hours.