Our concepts can be made with specific pumpkin carving kits or even with different knives for carving. Make sure an adult supervises handling of these sharp objects.

  • Miniature saw or drywall saw 
  • Sculpting knife or linoleum knife 
  • Fleshing tool or large spoon
  • Punch or large needle
  • Adhesive tape

Step 1. Prepare the pumpkin

Place the pumpkin on its side, on a flat, stable work surface. Use a saw to cut out a circle at the base or top of the pumpkin.

Step 2. Empty out the pumpkin

Step 3. Duplicate the image

Choose your model at the bottom of the article. Right-click on the chosen image, then select “Save image as”. Once saved, right-click again and select “Print”.

Stick the printed template to your pumpkin with masking tape. Using a punch or large needle, prick the skin of the pumpkin every 1/8 to 1/4 inch, so as to reproduce the outline of the pattern.

Step 4. Carve the pumpkin

Learn how to perform each step, discover the various techniques and find other models in the following article: Our exclusive designs to carve the most beautiful pumpkin | PRO-MIX (promixgardening.com)

Step 5. Add lighting

Make sure light sources do not touch the interior surface of the pumpkin, and to avoid the risk of fire, unplug them before leaving the house.