About dandelion

Dandelions have been around for centuries, but the familiar weeds with the bright yellow blooms were brought to North America by Puritans who used the plant medicinally – and maybe for wine. As we all know, the dreaded dandelion will infest a lawn in no time at all.


Identification and growth habits

There’s little doubt that you are already well aware of the identifying characteristics of the dandelion, which consist of bright green, serrated leaves, cheery yellow blooms and puffy seed heads that blow in the wind.

Dandelions reproduce a couple of ways – from long, thick, sturdy taproots that can penetrate the ground to a depth of 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 m.), and by seeds. In fact, a single puffball may contain at least a couple hundred viable seeds that can germinate all season long.


Dandelions like moist, sunny areas, but they grow just about anywhere. They easily get a foothold in weak, thin lawn grass.