Select-A-Spray Lawn & Garden Sprayer

Looking for a reusable sprayer that can handle a variety of pesticides and herbicides? Look no farther than the Select-A-Spray Lawn & Garden Sprayer. This versatile sprayer is perfect for liquid concentrates and powders intended to kill insects, control weeds and take care of diseases in plants and trees. It accurately dilutes and sprays liquid concentrates — no mixing, no measuring, no mess. It handles powders equally well.

Benefits and characteristics

Accurately dilutes and sprays liquid concentrates

Accurately dilutes and sprays liquid concentrates

No mixing, no measuring, no mess

No mixing, no measuring, no mess

Where to use

It depends on the concentrated insecticide, herbicide or fungicide that is used. Consult label or product page closely for precise details on where to use the product.

Effective against

It depends on the concentrated insecticide, herbicide or fungicide that is used. Consult label or product page closely for precise details on which pest or disease the product can control.

How to use Wilson Select-A-Spray Lawn & Garden Sprayer

For concentrate

Step 1
Push valve to OFF.

Step 2
Set dial for mL/L listed on concentrate label.

Step 3
Pour liquid concentrate into bottle. You don’t need to dilute concentrate with water because the correct amount of water will automatically be mixed to the concentrate by the sprayer attached to hose.

Step 4
Select one of the 3 spray patterns on the front nozzle :

  • Gentle spray for delicate plants and precise control of weed control products.
  • Fan spray for lawns and lawn areas.
  • Bullet spray for trees and high to reach places

Step 5
Attach hose, screw bottle securely into cap and turn on water.

Step 6
Push valve to ON to start spraying.

Step 7
To stop, push valve to OFF.

Step 8
Turn water off at faucet.


Spraying wettable powders

Step 1
Add the wettable powder to the bottle according to the label directions of the powder.

Step 2
Make a paste by adding several mL of water and mixing well. Then add the remainder of the water as indicated in the pamphlet.

Step 3
Mix thoroughly in the bottle ensuring paste is evenly dispersed in solution. Wettable powders do not dissolve but are held in suspension and require agitation while spraying.

Step 4
Set dial at 60 mL/L and spray until the bottle is empty.



Step 1
Pour unused liquid concentrate back into its original liquid concentrate container.

Step 2
Rinse bottle and cap.

Step 3
Refill with clean water and spray at same dial setting as used for two minutes.



  • Use the “OFF” setting on the dial to spray water only.
  • Do not spray on windy days or allow spray to reach people or animals.
  • Spray foliage and fruit from all sides, particularly under the leaves, to ensure coverage.
  • Spray when the temperature is below 27 °C. During hot weather, spray when cooler in mornings or evenings.
  • Apply sprays only to edible crops listed on concentrate label and observe the “No Spray” interval before harvest.
  • When spraying lawn and gardens, the correct rate must be applied to a specific surface area. This is important. Measure this area before spraying.


  • It is almost impossible to remove all traces of weed control products from spray equipment. To avoid damage to desirable plants, purchase a second SELECT-A-SPRAY and use one for insect control and one for weed control.

It is a reusable product.

For additional product information or in case of emergency, spills or fire, call toll-free 1-800-268-2608.


This product is a plastic sprayer that doesn’t present any risk to humans or pets. However, the products that are used to fill the bottle can have side effects. Refer to the label or product page of these products for further information.


Download safety data sheet link.

Frequently asked questions about Wilson Select-A-Spray Lawn & Garden Sprayer

Jet stream of water across spray head creates a vacuum, pulling up a controlled amount of product from jar through supply tube.

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