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Really effective solutions for insects, weeds and rodents since 1880

We provide consumers with easy-to-use, targeted products that prevent, remove or repel pests quickly and safely, so that homes and gardens can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind.

The nice weather has set in!

Summer doesn’t last long, so it’s no surprise we want to make the most of it. A barbecue in the garden, a fishing trip, a visit to the cottage… All reasons are good to spend time outdoors. Make sure you can do it with ease and peace of mind with our wide range of products against insects, rodents and weeds. Learn more in the articles below!

Products to help you get rid of house bugs

Solutions to help you solve the most common problems

We’re experts in developing products that can remove virtually any kind of insect. Our deep understanding of nature and biotechnology allows us to do the same for weeds. As for rodents like mice and rats, just choose the product that suits you best and they’ll cease to be a problem sooner than you could imagine.

Where to buy

Our products are available coast to coast in big box stores, department stores, hardware stores, independent garden centres and many other retailers.

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New look. Same effectiveness.

You may not have noticed it, but Wilson is undergoing a major rebranding, all in the name of making life easier for you. We’ve eliminated duplicate products. We’ve created new brand families and changed certain names so it’s easier to associate a solution with a problem.

We’ve added essential oils (like those derived from mint) to some of our products so that they leave behind an agreeable scent instead of an unpleasant chemical smell.

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