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Ant Traps

3 pack

Our Ant Traps aren’t what we would imagine a trap to be, such as a mouse trap. They’re really bait stations. A combination of sugar and proteins is placed in the trap to attract ants, along with borax, a slow-acting ant killer. Slow is important. It means that ants can take the mixture back to the colony and share it with other worker ants and the queen. Because borax is slow-acting, the original ant and other ants can return to the trap for the sugar and protein mixture and the borax and keep on sharing. Over a period of 3 to 7 days, the entire colony will be wiped out.

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Benefits and characteristics

Kills entire ant colony

Kills entire ant colony

Controls ants indoors and outdoors

Controls ants indoors and outdoors

Easy to use

Easy to use

Contains peanut allergen

Contains peanut allergen

Where to use

  • Indoors

  • Outdoors

  • Lawn

  • Flower gardens

  • Edible gardens

  • Trees and shrubs

  • Patios, porches and decks

  • Building foundations

Effective against

How to use Wilson ANT OUT Ant Traps

Step 1
Punch all 4 side holes.

Step 2
Place traps inside home where ants are running and outside home where ants are entering.

Replace with new traps every 30 days if the problem persists.



For heavy infestations, place traps 1.5 to 3 m apart.


  • Do not remove lid of container.
  • Do not contaminate feed or foodstuffs.
  • Contains peanut allergen.

Wrap used container in newspaper and discard with household garbage.

Store in original container away from food and feedstuffs. Keep product in a locked storage area inaccessible to children and pets.

For additional product information or in case of emergency, spills or fire, call toll-free 1-800-268-2608.


General precautions

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling and before smoking or eating.
  • Environmental: toxic to aquatic organisms, birds, bees and beneficial insects.


Hazards to humans

If swallowed

Call a poison control centre or doctor for treatment advice. Have person sip a glass of water if able to swallow. Do not induce vomiting unless told to by a poison control centre or doctor. Take container, label or product name and P.C.P. Registration Number with you when seeking medical attention.


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Frequently asked questions about Wilson ANT OUT Ant Traps

ANT OUT Ant Traps contains peanut butter and sugars that attract ants. The bait does not kill right away, rather it is a slow-acting ant nest destroyer. The ants carry the poison back to the colony, where they infect other ants and the queen. The bait is attractive to them, so they come back again and again to feed on it, eventually introducing the poison to the entire colony, until it is eliminated. It usually takes 7 days to infect a colony. To ensure ants can enter the trap, make sure you punch all 4 holes.

Yes, when used as directed. The bait stations are in child-resistant containers. However, the bait inside the station can be harmful to humans and domestic animals. This is why, for safety’s sake, you should place the bait stations in areas that are not readily accessible to children and pets. If you think the area to be treated might be accessible to children and pets, we recommend using ANT OUT Ant Killer Dust.

Replace the traps every 30 days during the season to continue to infect new encroaching ants.

No. The holes leading into the trap are too small for carpenter ants to get through. In any case, we suggest contacting a professional exterminator for carpenter ant infestations because these are very tenacious insects that can threaten the structure of a dwelling. As well, non-professionals have a great deal of difficulty identifying and locating carpenter ant nests.

Place traps indoors, where ants are seen, but also outside where ants may enter your house. Make sure you place traps 1.5 to 3 m apart and punch all 4 holes to allow ants to enter.

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