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What has three pairs of legs and is definitely creepy? Ants. And you definitely don’t want them around. But you don’t want to use chemical pesticides to get rid of them. Then ANT OUT Nematodes are just what you're looking for. These naturally-occurring microscopic worms kill young ant larvae and prevent adult ants from building new nests in treated areas. So enjoy your lawn and garden, secure in the knowledge that what you’ve used to get rid of pesky ants poses absolutely no threat to humans, pets, plants or the environment.

This product is available in all Canadian regions except NL

Benefits and characteristics

Naturally-occurring organisms that kill young ant larvae in nests

Naturally-occurring organisms that kill young ant larvae in nests

Prevents adult ants from building new nests in treated areas

Prevents adult ants from building new nests in treated areas

Where to use

  • Indoors

  • Outdoors

  • Lawns

  • Flower gardens borders

  • Edible gardens borders

  • Trees and shrubs

  • Patios, porches and decks

  • Building foundations

Effective against

How to use Wilson ANT OUT Nematodes

You will also need Wilson® Nematode Sprayer

Apply when ant activity is visible on lawn or on garden borders, generally from March through October.

With Wilson Nematode Sprayer

Step 1
Remove sprayer lid.

Step 2
Open nematodes globe and place the pouches in the sprayer. To avoid clogging the sprayer, do not tear or open the pouches when placing into the sprayer.

Step 3
Activate nematodes by adding about 2.5 cm (1 in) of warm water in the sprayer. Activated nematodes are sufficiently small so that they will pass through the mesh of the pouches.

Step 4
Add room temperature water to fill sprayer bottle.

Step 5
Fasten lid securely and shake vigorously to evenly disperse nematodes.

Step 6
Attach garden hose to sprayer and turn valve to “Mix” position to begin spraying.

Step 7
Start spraying ant hills first and keep spraying complete spraying outwards to provide total nematode coverage. Agitate spraying solution often during application because nematodes are heavier than water and will sink to the bottom of the bottle.

Step 8
Keep lawn moist for the next 3 days (or 1 week in dry weather) to ensure nematodes are flushed down into the root zone where feeding larvae are present.


Treatment must only be repeated after 7 days if pest problem persists or reoccurs.

Step 1
Open resealable bag and place all unopened pouches into watering can.

Step 2
Add approximately 5 litres (2 gallons) of water into watering can and stir the mixture to ensure the nematodes are well mixed.

Step 3
Apply the solution to the most affected areas first (e.g. where ant hills are visible) and continue to apply to areas where you want to repel further ant nests from being established. Solution treats approximately 16 ant nests or up to 92 m2 (1 000 sq. ft.).

Step 4
Apply an equal amount of water to the same area to make sure the nematodes are well washed in.



Nematodes are a live species and should be used as soon as possible.

When spraying is complete and the sprayer is empty, there will be leftover in the pouches. These pouches can be placed in the composter or disposed of with regular garbage.

  • Do not store the nematodes in water, a bag or a container.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not store open packages (use all at once).
  • No need to refrigerate.

Organic active ingredients posing no threat to the health of animals, pets or the environment.

Link to Safety Data Sheet

Naturally occurring larvae-killing organisms that are harmless to humans, pets, plants and the environment.

Frequently asked questions about Wilson ANT OUT Nematodes

ANT OUT Nematode is a product that contains both diatomaceous earth (a natural insecticide) and beneficial nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic worms that are found naturally in soil. ANT OUT nematodes are specific nematodes that hunt for ant eggs and larvae in the soil profile. Spray and soak all the ant hills in sidewalks, patios and lawns. The adult ants do not tolerate the nematodes in or near their nests and will move their nests away from these areas. Continue to spray areas where you want to repel further ant nests from being established. This package can spray 16 ant nests. The diatomaceous earth does not affect the nematodes, but adds an extra layer of ant control on the adult ants.You get a natural insecticide product that goes after both larvae and adults.

Yes. ANT OUT Nematodes are harmless to humans, pets, plants, beneficial insects and the environment. The treatment area is safe to use immediately after application.

In the suspended animation state, ANT OUT Nematodes will last 6 months in the package. Once they are mixed in water and activated, and also properly watered into the soil, they will start looking for host ant eggs and larvae. The nematodes can survive up to 30 days in the soil.

No, carpenter ants, unlike all other types of ants, make nests in wood structures or in trees, so it is not practical to spray in this type of nest.

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