Wilson® BUG-X OUT®

A range of products designed to kill a host of insect pests found in plants and the lawn

Some Wilson BUG-X OUT products are intended to eliminate a single insect, others are broad-spectrum insecticides that can kill up to 40 different insect pests. All are extremely effective.

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Frequently asked questions about Wilson BUG-X OUT products

Yes. Some BUG-X OUT products are indicated for a single insect only; some can kill up to 40 insect pests.

Yes. Some use natural organisms like microscopic worms called nematodes that pose no threat to humans, animals or the environment. Some use traps that are equally benign. Others use chemicals that are totally safe when used as directed.

When used as directed, BUG-X OUT products are not harmful to the environment. For example, the concentrated products (Tree & Garden Insect Killer and Insecticide Miticide with 50% Malathion), when mixed with water and applied to vegetable and flower gardens, are completely broken down by soil microbes and UV light within a few days of application.

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BUG-X OUT products are available coast to coast in big box stores, department stores, hardware stores, independent garden centres and many other retailers.

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